Department of Preventing State Organized Terrorism, Political Assassinations and Coup D’états by Military-Police

This is charge of the state organized terrorism the most serious of all. Starting mostly with A coup d’état or an overthrow, which is an illegal and overt seizure of a state by the military-police or other elites within the state apparatus and to unseat the sitting executive. Since 2015, the records and study show that terrorism political assassinations are strongly associated with re-shuffling coup d’état. The cumulative number of coups is a strong predictor of future terrorism. When political leaders build ethnic armies, they commit ethnic cleansing and terrorism. Violent military-police officers commit terrorism to support autocratic government. Participation in war makes coups and terrorism more likely. Coups are contagious; one coup in a region can lead to coups and terrorism in other region, for instance, Libya coup and terrorism led coup in Egypt, Tunis, Syria and Yemen. Autocratic leaders whose states were involved in international rivalries over disputed territory more likely commit terrorism. Mass killing elements of the military-police, including officers who were involved in the coup trigger commit terrorism.

There is an increase of military-police repression and violence in wake of failed coups leading to terrorism and political assassinations in many nations.

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List of Assassinated and Executed Heads of State and Government By Coups D'état Since 1983

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