Department of Preventing Nuclear Terrorism

UN General Assembly Conventions for the Suppression of Acts Terrorists Bombing Dec., 2007 Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on their Destruction, Paris and New York 29 April 1997. Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, 5 March 1970.

Nuclear terrorism refers to an act of terrorism in which a person or people belonging to a terrorist organization detonates a nuclear device including the sabotage of a nuclear facility and/or the detonation of a radiological device. Nuclear weapons materials on the black market are a global concern, and there is concern about the possible detonation of a small, crude nuclear weapon by a militant group in a major city, with significant loss of life and property, and would probably have a devastating effect on Earth’s biosphere.

Nuclear bombs (sometimes atomic bombs or thermonuclear bombs) is nuclear weaponry is used to inflict damage Nuclear bombs are weapons of mass destruction; nuclear bombs can produce destruction in a much shorter time and can have a long-lasting radiological bombs result.

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