World Organization Against Terrorism.

The World Organization Against Terrorism (WOAT) was created by an international conference held at Accra in August, 2011 which was attended by experts in ); 

Human Rights, Criminologists, International Lawyers, Judges, Diplomats, Nuclear and Atomic Experts, and Jurists of Criminal Justice from all over the world with the aims of implementing the following United Nations International Conventions concerning terrorism by monitoring the capacities …



Known Chemical Weapons Production Facilities: Fourteen states parties have declared chemical weapons production facilities (CWPFs): 1 non-disclosed state party (referred to as “A State Party” in OPCW-communications; said to be South Korea. As of October 2017, all 97 declared production facilities had been deactivated and (91) have been certified as either destroyed (68) or converted (23) to civilian use

According to Matusitz (2013), terrorism includes the following:


It is the use of violence or threat of violence in the pursuit of political, religious, ideological or social objectives.


It can be committed by governments, non-state actors, or undercover personnel serving on the behalf of their respective governments.


It reaches more than the immediate target victims and is also directed at targets consisting of a larger spectrum of society.


The World Organization Against Terrorism (WOAT) provides urgent interventions on all forms of terrorism cross the world, in order to protect individuals, groups, corporations or states against terrorism. Specific anti- terrorism programs allow it to provide support to specific categories of people vulnerable to terrorism especially children in partnership with United Nations Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTC); UN Office of Crimes and Drugs; Amnesty International; International Criminal Court; International Court of Justice; World Organization Against Torture; World Human Rights Watch and UNHCHR, etc.

The World Organization Against Terrorism (WOAT) also seeks the following interventions: The prohibition of sales and transfer of arms and related materials.